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Welcome to RecordsKeeper Airdrop, Follow the steps to participate in RecordsKeeper Airdrop

Complete the Social Tasks to qualify for the RecordsKeeper Airdrop.

Task 1 : Provide your Telegram Handle below.

Task 2 : Provide your Twitter Handle below.

Please provide your XRK Wallet Address.

This is not your ETH or BTC address. This is the RecordsKeeper Blockchain Wallet address where you will be holding your XRK tokens. You can also create and access the full wallet here.

If you already have an existing XRK address, paste above and click Next button. Make sure you have coresponding private Key and/or Recovery Seed with you.

If you don't have any XRK address, use button below to create new XRK address.

Thank you for your participation in RecordsKeeper Airdrop.

We are on our path to make data trust worthy.

As the last step, please confirm your RecordsKeeper Airdrop participation through email.

Please share referral code with your network to get more XRK tokens.

See you on Token sale.

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To participate in our token sale starting from 9:00 AM UTC, 7 July, please register on Tokensale Dashboard here.